Saturday, September 25, 2010

she's my greatest smile(:

  Way apart from the things in the mind,
Very unique only one of it's kind.
Blessed with eyes, but still so blind,
Ways present in front but still finds.
What to tell about her ways,
She's the great smiling face.

Never accepts that very easily she gets,
Instead of loving she hates.
Instead of becoming happy she regrets,
She's so impatient never she waits,
She's the great smiling face.

Intelligent but full of attitude,
Praises you till the time she knows the truth.
Then leaving politeness she becomes very rude,
what to tell about her grace,
She's the great smiling face.

She is my only way,
For her love my heart craves.
For her betterment my heart prays,
No matter however she is,
I love her for what she is.
Thinking and writing about her, i can pass many days,
She is my great smiling face.

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