Saturday, September 25, 2010

2 moments

if you were around and you were my genie
and i had just a wish,
my wish would be two moments.
two moments in which the world is still,
two moments in which,
one is yours and another is mine.
two moments in which you are all my sight,
two moments in which i make you my might,
two moments in which our silence fight,
two moments in which the night is bright,
two moments in where, my eyes can hold you tight.
two moments where i can lie down on your lap,
and all the problems go for a nap,
and those two moments we are no where on the map.
and between our emotions, invisible is the gap
give me those two moments,
although i don't have a ginei today.
and just a few words to say.
i don't know weather my wish is a dream or a crime,
just two moments,
where one is yours and the another is mine.....

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